Take All the Good Words You Can! — Testimonials that Work

In What Makes You Different?, we got to look at some great words from EMF Film about Clare at Red Cap, emphasizing her two big differentiators: (1) a systematic approach and (2) responsiveness. But what about the other nice things Jayne Winch had to say about Clare Dagin? Do we just throw those away since they don’t fit into a single, flowing letter?

Of course not. Instead, we put them into a “snippet” pile for Clare to pull from any time they’re the right fit. Short blurbs work well as captions next to portfolio pieces, in website sidebars, or next to project summaries in a proposal.

Industry experience builds confidence:

  • Clare’s TV/media background really helped. She brought an understanding of our business, and that really made a difference when we first started talking. She knew what I was talking about, and that made it easier for her to give us what we need.

The client-engagement was challenging and yet quickly successful:

  • We had a wacky/nontraditional set of wants, and Clare magically came up with exactly what we needed. I saw what she gave me and said “Wow — this works”. She really made it easy.
  • From the beginning, it’s been fun, easy, and productive to work with Clare, and I’m amazed at how she’s been able to pull things together with as little guidance as I’ve given her. For example with our brochure — I gave her some random things I wanted to achieve: communication points, feel, attitude, elements… I told her I didn’t want a standard tri-fold. I told her I wanted cool. She ran with it, and through some kind of magic she came up with exactly what I wanted: cool prototypes, features that communicate, and polish to our text that was “good but not quite there.” When I got her first mockup, all I could think was “Wow — this works!”

Clare is fun, patient, and productive:

  • [Unlike working with other agencies] With Clare, it’s like sitting with a girlfriend grooving — not like work.
  • Clare is patient. Sometimes I don’t get things done as fast as I ought, and she deals with that.

More praise for the creative results that work well for EMF Film’s industry — great info if Clare ever wants to do more for others in the movie business, or anyone else who needs a simultaneously “grungy and professional” feel:

  • People love our t-shirts. They are highly sought after and I like that. It makes me happy.
  • Clare helped us leverage our business card with useful information on both sides, presented in an eye-catching way. She helped us identify the things we wanted to say in that tiny space: Wireless camera control! Sony 900 on a motorcycle mount! If you’re in the biz, and you read this stuff, you get the idea fast about what we can do. It may sound like a little thing that she figured out how use parts of our logo as eye-catching bullets on our business cards, but little things like that made me happy. They make us different, and they help us sell.
  • I love our new brochure. It’s creative and appealing, it’s novel in a way that gets noticed, and it’s very effective for telling our story. With its distinctive shape and unique folding format, no one’s going to get this and toss it without looking at it at least once. Clare’s very creative and she somehow came up with a look that is simultaneously grungy and professional: exactly what I wanted. Same goes for everything else; from the business cards she redesigned to really tell people what we can do, to the updated logo treatment she gave us for putting on T-shirts.

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