Maryland Delegate Sue Kullen on Healthcare (and Guns)

We don’t need a silver bullet. We need silver buckshot.– Md. State Delegate Sue Kullen.

Through lucky circumstance, I happened to meet Delegate Kullen over lunch, soon after she had been talking with some of the nation’s leading Democrats about health care. The gist of her comment is that the health care system is too large and complex for any one idea to fix it all, and that it would be foolish to try designing a single solution for fixing the whole thing.

Sue Kullen is a distinctive politician: a health-care advocate Democrat who also received endorsements from the National Rifle Association and the Maryland State Rifle and Pistol Association. Thus her ability to create the bullet/buckshot analogy without the help of any political consultant or marketing guy like me [grin].

In any case, hang onto Sue’s quote for the next time you need to argue with someone who’s looking for a silver bullet that you know doesn’t exist.


Note: the Maryland “House of Delegates” is analogous to the “House of Representatives” in most other States and Commonwealths.  According to the Wikipedia, Maryland, Virginia an West Virginia are the only three who refer to their lower as house as “Delegates.”

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