About Philindo – Long

Experience and Education.  You know — that kind of stuff:

25+ years of consulting, marketing and engineering.  MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, ScB in Mechanical Engineering from Brown University, and graduate of the NC School of Science and Mathematics.  Began career as an environmental engineer with large clients ranging from the US Environmental Protection Agency to Union Carbide.   Strategy/management consultant since 1996, working primarily with privately-held companies whose owners want to make the world a better place.

More I’d Like You to Know:

Idealist with a Practical bent. Believer in everyday miracles and the karmic pipeline. Client and observer of numerous psychologists and psychiatrists.  Friends and family with Buddhists, Jews, agnostics, Muslims… and many “spiritual-but-not-religious”.  Newly-dirtied gardener.  Accordion player.  Quiet worshiper, occasional preacher.  Whiteboarder, procrastinator, approximator.  Respectful, questioning, willing to prod.  Huggy.  Introvert and extrovert.  Durhamite. Believer in paradox and contradictions, except when I don’t.

Guided by the Invisible, Shaped by the Earthly

Born and raised as a Roman Catholic — reminded daily of an powerful, loving God who knew what He wanted from Me.  Became a Quaker in my 30s, inspired by its challenging simplicity, and its commitment to peace.  Always a seeker, holding both Faith and Agnosticism within my head, heart and gut.  Pray often to the God who I rarely understand, but trust is there anyway.  The words “God” and “good” do not come from the same word roots, but they come from the same rock. Nearly everyone wants to make the world a better place.  The challenge is in finding a common way and working together along the way.  Where to begin?  Perhaps by treating ourselves with the love and respect we wish for others — never forget that we, too, are part of the world.