Show Me the Money! — Testimonials that Work

Here’s a testimonial that I produced for Bold Interactive, a client and partner in online marketing. I interviewed their client, Pro-Vigil, Inc., and collected the words that counted the most. And what almost always counts the most? Money.

Pro-Vigil, Inc. is an innovator in fighting theft and vandalism in the construction industry. When we introduced our Virtual Guard Station in 2007 , we knew that our mobile security system was more effective and more affordable than anything our competitors had to offer. But as brand new company with a brand new product, our first marketing challenge was to get that message out to the thousands of major construction contractors in our home state of Texas. That’s why we hired Adam Schultz and his team at Bold Interactive.

First-year results with Bold Interactive have far exceeded our expectations.

The website that they created from the ground up is actually our top performing sales agent for Pro-Vigil, Inc. and we’re tracking toward a >400% return on investment at the end of our first year. In dollars, that’s $250,000 in sales – contracts, not just leads – and that’s fantastic for a $60k spend, especially when you consider that we were still getting up to speed. We’re expecting even greater results in the future. As Pro-Vigil builds its track record in the construction arena and as Bold Interactive gets even stronger as our industry expert in online marketing and sales, there’s no near-term limit to our ability to generate sales via the web.

Truth: I would absolutely not go to any other company for any reason.

Online marketers call me every week to pitch me on a different website and online marketing strategy. They have no chance. Nobody can do it better than Bold Interactive.

When it comes to online marketing for Pro-Vigil, Adam Schultz and the Bold Interactive team get it. They made themselves instant experts in our niche market. They came up with an online marketing strategy that put us front and center for organic and paid search. They built a website and web presence that really sells Pro-Alarm’s security solutions to our target prospects, and they never quit improving. They are committed to me and my company and I trust them implicitly. No matter how big Pro-Vigil gets, I will always be our company’s point person for working with Bold Interactive.

That’s how important they are to our success.

Jason White, CEO
Pro-Vigil, Inc.

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