Capital, Credible and Quotable — Testimonials that Work

Here’s another testimonial that I produced for Red Cap Communications*. Three things to like about this testimonial from Canton Capital’s managing director, Brian Redman:

  1. The “$10 to $30+ million” mention shows that Canton Capital is a serious business, which adds instant credibility to their testimonial.
  2. Redman shows how Clare is better than others. “I have worked with other designers, and I’ve been frustrated when I couldn’t find anyone who really “got it” and understood what I needed…” also shows that he understands the pain of working with a lesser agency.
  3. Redman tells what kind of clients would be happy to work with Clare at Red Cap, in short, quotable sentences that are easy to excerpt for a portfolio caption or proposal blurb.

Without further ado, Redman’s tight, strong testimonial for Clare at Red Cap:

When we founded Canton Capital in 2008, we began with experienced investors and a clear focus on the kinds of businesses we wanted to work with. What we didn’t have was a good “visual brand” to use in telling our story to the public.

Fortunately for us, we found Clare Dagin at Red Cap. On a remarkably right schedule, Clare helped us identify the image we wanted to project. And then she created a logo, look and feel that perfectly represent who we are.

As a business communicator — not just a graphic designer — Clare knows that creating a strong visual brand isn’t just about making something that looks good on paper. That’s why she spent a lot of time at the start learning where we’re coming from and what we’re trying to do: We invest in regional companies with $10 to $30+ million in revenue and good growth prospects. Our firm will only look to invest in a company in which a majority of the management team will remain in place post-acquisition. While we will consider all traditional businesses, we are especially interested in companies focused on health and wellness.

In the beginning, Clare asked questions about the words and language of our business, then she helped us simplify and focus our messages. She helped us brainstorm different messages and concept statements, took the ideas we liked best, and created a set of visual designs that would best express these ideas.

We loved what Clare came up with: our logo, our brochure, our presentation portfolio and our stationery. She really brought out the best for us with a look that’s strong via understatement. It’s a look that has been well-received by our target audience, and we’re very pleased. Based on her experience and her dialogue with us, Clare quickly understood our market and our need for a mature image. And she helped us realize that we didn’t have to be fancy to show our strength and stability.

At Canton Capital, we recommend Clare to any client who needs a professional image: financial or professional services, or any organization that needs to convey a sense of trust. Clare isn’t like many other designers out there. I have worked with other designers, and I’ve been frustrated when I couldn’t find anyone who really “got it” and understood what I needed. In contrast, Clare took the time to understand what we were trying to do before she started proposing her visual solutions.

We also recommend Clare to clients who really want to understand their communication needs from different angles. Clare helped us brainstorm from our point of view, and then she gave us an outsider’s point of view that we didn’t have because we’re so internally focused. She was a good sounding board for our different ideas, and she shepherded us through the process with both speed and flexibility. Clare is a communications professional we can trust.

Canton Capital
Brian Reading, Managing Director


*names changed to make sure that web searchers don’t come to this site when they should be going to my clients’! Ping me for the real names of Red Cap Communications and Clare Dagin. I’ll be glad to let you know.

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