The Golden Rule is Fundamental — Dorothy Marcic

“The spiritual laws that govern human behavior have been articulated for thousands of yeasr by all the world’s religions and schools of philosophy,with remarkable consistency… The phrasing may be different, but the message is essentially the same: Love your neighbor, be honest, live in justice, control your impulses, avoid corrupation, let your intentions be pure, and serve your fellow humans.

…At the core of all these guiding principles is one fundamental law from which all others spring: Love your neighbor and treat your neighbor as you would wish to be treated.  Alothough not all religious texts use the word love to portray this principle, in fact love is the common thread…

…When asked what was the most important commandment, Jesus replied that it was to love God with all your heart and soul, and the second was to ‘love your neighbor as yourself.  There is no commandment greater than these’ (Mark 12:29-13)…  Though many people in Western societies associate this principle with Jesus, the concept itself actually preceded him and has been an integral part of all the major religions.  It goes as far back as early Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism, and ancient Zoroastrianism…”

— Dorothy Marcic, Managing with the Wisdom of Love: Uncovering Virtue in People and Organizations

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