“Spiritually Guided”? What it Ain’t


In “Spiritually Guided” I described my big-tent definition for the term.  Here, let me share what it DOESN’T mean, in my book:

To be “Spiritually Guided” does not mean you have to go to church (or Temple, or any other such construct).  It doesn’t mean have to be religious.  It doesn’t mean you have to be believe in “God” as we commonly think of him in the West.  It doesn’t mean you have to like everybody, or that you’re perfect, or that you’d ever want to be “perfect” by most definitions.  Of course you CAN be any or all of those while being spiritually guided.  But you don’t have to.  At least you don’t have to if you’re working with me.

True story: I once asked some Quaker elders for advice on how to screen out prospective clients whose sense of “Spiritually Guided” was too different from my own.  After a moment of silence, one replied, “Why don’t you do what you tell your clients to do? Let God take care of that one.”  After I smacked myself in the forehead, we broke the silence with a long laugh.

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