Not a Job but a Calling — Marianne Williamson

For those who ask, “How do I make money…?”

One of the most positive transitions you can make is from viewing your work as a job to viewing it as a calling. A job is an exchange of energy in which you do a material task and someone provides money in exchange. A calling, however, is an organic field of energy that emerges from the deepest aspects of who you are. It is the fulfillment of what God has created you to be and do. Approaching your work as a job versus approaching it as a calling makes all the difference in whether or not you dwell in the miraculous universe.

You have a calling simply because you are alive. You have a calling because you are a child of God. You have a calling because you’re on this earth with a divine purpose: to rise to the level of your highest creative possibility, expressing all that you are intellectually, emotionally, psychologically and physically in order to make the universe a more beautiful place.

As you do this, your entire life becomes your ministry — a way to serve God and to serve the world.

— Marianne Williamson, from her website entry on The Law of Divine Compensation: on Work, Money and Miracles.

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