Are You a “Spiritually Guided Business Owner”?

Are you a “Spiritually Guided Business Owner”?

I’ll bet you are.  At least in my book.

If you think you are, and maybe even if you don’t think you are, I’ll bet you are.

Three questions to see if we’re on the same page:

  1. Do you believe in something bigger than yourself — whether you call it God, the universe, your Higher Power or anything else —  that isn’t always visible or logical?
  2. Do you want the world to be a good place for everyone?
  3. Do you want your business to reflect your belief and your wishes for the world?

If you answered “Yes” to all three, I think you’re a “spiritually guided business person”, and I’d be glad to work with you.

But let me get you started by telling you about how I want to be a Spiritually Guided Business Owner.

  • I believe in God — a God who I don’t fully understand, but who I still believe in.
  • I believe that in this universe of God’s creation, there are some natural (“God-given”) rules for how things work, and that when we live in harmony with these rules (or “principles” or “precepts”), things like Joy and Peace are easy to find.
  • I believe that we can know God’s “way” (or principles, intentions, etc.) through many channels: by observing (consciously and subconsciously) the world around us to see where Joy and Peace are abundant (or scarce); by “hearing” or “feeling” God’s voice directly speaking to our soul (aka “spirit-self”) or through our bodies (in our head, our heart, or our gut) when we are open — perhaps when we pray and listen, but not only when we pray and listen.  And of course we can know God’s ways through the observations or hearings of others — whether friends, or contemporary writers/speakers, or through sages of the past.
  • I think of God’s ways as “spiritual” (rather than “earthly” or provable by logic and observation)  because this way emerges from a God who is greater than I can understand, and who is imperceptible through my normal senses.
  • I think of God’s messages as “spiritual” (rather than simply “ethical” or logical) because these messages come to me (or to other people, first) through channels that are not perceivable through my normal senses  — nor even my subconscious.  I cannot “explain” them, even while I am convinced that they are real.

With all that said, “Spiritually guided” means:  first, that my sense of direction comes from my understanding of God’s “way”, and from occasional messages “just for me”, just for whatever situation or question I have in front of me at the moment.

What then, of “spiritually guided business”?  Simply, that the business I pursue and the way that I do business ought emerge from my best understanding of “what would God have me do?”