Opportunity and the “Attitude of Gratitude”

For sure, life is more fun with an “attitude of gratitude”.  A fine therapist friend of mine tells many of his clients to end each evening by listing three things from the day that they are thankful for.  I’m convinced that when I remember to do this,  I go to sleep more peacefully and have better dreams :-)

As for the daytime, I strongly suspect that an attitude of gratitude is good for profit, as well.  Gratitude associates itself with recognizing abundance;  abundance comes to those who would accept it; and acceptance comes from openness. It is this openness that lets opportunities into our world — opportunities that come from being open to the spark of an innovative idea; a possible a win-win where others would see a zero-sum; an informal airport lounge chat that turns into a corporate partnership; or even the ability to imagine constructing a success for tomorrow from the remains of a failure from today.  Even when we see things that we don’t want, gratitude lets us say “No, thank you!” with a smile, instead of just “No.”

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