“Focus on Buying, Not Selling”

“Some marketing experts recommend that in creating a direct mail program, you should devote half your time to creating the reply form.

“…most marketers spend too much effort on the sale–and too little on the ‘buy.'”

“Think how often you have been virtually sold on something, but chose not to make the purchase because it was too hard to buy. The salesperson offered all sorts of options, for example, or made you worry about the value of extended warranty, or offered more complicated financing packages than you could intelligently choose among. The product was too hard to buy.

Good marketing must focus on the buy. How clear is your offer? Can the prospects sample the service, thereby reducing their risk? How clear is the price? How easy is it to buy?

Make your service easy to buy.

Harry Beckwith, in Selling the Invisible: A Field Guide to Modern Marketing (1997).

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