Opinions x 5

At the back of each issue, Forbes magazine collects a carefully selected set of quotes on a theme.  Not long ago they theme was Opinions.

Here are a couple of their choices:

I don’t like my music, but what is my opinion against that of millions of others? — Frederick Loewe

A point of view can be aa dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding. — Marshall McLuhan

Man tends to treat all his opinions as principles. — Herbert Agar

I am reminded of two of my former colleagues and their thoughts on the matter.

An un-respected senior manager once tried to curry favor with my boss, Frank, by asking for his perspective on some topic.  Frank said “you say you want my ‘perspective,’ but all I’ve got is a ‘dumb opinion.'”  I think Frank just didn’t want to fake an attitude of cooperation.

Dave, a broadly respected middle-manager, liked this old joke, “Opinions are a lot like a**holes.  Everybody’s got one, but I don’t necessarily want to know about yours.”