Triple Bottom Line: Do Good. Have Fun. Make Money. (Part 1 of many)

Do Good.  Have Fun.  Make Money.  That’s the triple bottom line for my business.  In some form or another, most of my clients evaluate their business success similarly as they ask, “Are we making money?  Are we enjoying ourselves?  Are we creating real value for our customers without lying, cheating, or making a mess of people’s lives?”

Businesses can run for a long time just making money, but it’s becoming increasingly obvious that if they want to make more money, they also have to create both fun and good.  Global corporations are increasingly adopting the triple bottom line of Profit, People and Planet.  That’s the “Make Money” part and the “Do Good” part (or at least, “Do no harm”.)  I’d wager that the better ones are realizing that they can max out the money and the good if they also work on the fun.

Human beings have a triple bottom line for survival: we need to Sleep, to Eat and to Exercise.  Without those three things, we die.  For a large fraction of the 20th century, many of us didn’t realize how much we needed that third element — Exercise.  Thank goodness we’re finally catching on!  Here’s hoping businesses will soon do the same with Have Fun :-)

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