“You Need Two Eyes” — Wolterstorff and the Balanced Scorecard

wolterstorff-from-calvin-college.jpgSome of you will be going into business. For that you need two eyes. With one eye you have to check accounts receivable and accounts payable, overhead and profit margins, payroll and insurance costs. With the other you have to attend to your employees – are they receiving just reward for their labor and can they find fulfillment in their work, and you have to think of your clients – do the products or services that you provide enhance their lives rather than diminishing or debasing them. One eye is not enough.

— Nicholas Wolterstorff, in his Commencement Address at Calvin College, May 20, 2006.

Wolterstorff is Emeritus Professor of Philosophical Theology, Yale Divinity School, former Professor of Philosophy at Calvin College, and a member of the Calvin College class of 1953. Though Wolterstorff doesn’t mention the Balanced Scorecard by name, I suspect he would find it sensible.

Link to full text: Wolterstorff Commencement Address at Calvin College

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