Survey Says… Happy Customers Care Enough to Fill Them Out

One of my favorite new clients — an online local news blog — needed some information about its readership, so we did a quick online survey. Ten questions, ten minutes, and the chance to win a $10 gift certificate.

In a remarkable display of interest, 200 readers completed the survey within the first 24 hours. That’s 200 readers out of a typical 1,000 readers per day. Twenty percent. By the time we closed the survey, we had more than 250 responses, which adds up to more than 40 hours of effort donated by readers to the news blog they love.

Do your customers have that kind of stake in your business? Yes, you can entice them with a small prize. But from reading the hundreds of long text responses to our survey questions, it’s clear that the respondents really wanted to share.

We used It’s free for short surveys with fewer than 250 respondents. We paid $19 for a month’s worth of surveys with up to 1,000 total responses.

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