Compassion and the LinkedIn CEO

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner leads from his spiritual core — not by talking about “religion” at work, but by working in accord with his spiritual values:

Of all the management principles I have adopted over the years, either through direct experience or learning from others, there is one I aspire to live by more than any other…That principle is managing compassionately.

In 2008, Weiner had drafted a personal statement, “to expand the world’s collective wisdom”. But then:

[A friend said] “That’s very powerful, but bear in mind, wisdom without compassion is ruthlessness, and compassion without wisdom is folly.” Without any further discussion I said I was amending my initial vision to read “to expand the world’s collective wisdom and compassion.” That objective has influenced every aspect of my work ever since.

Here’s a link to Weiner’s full article –> Managing Compassionately