Spiritually Centered Career Direction

Do you work with your soul? Does what you do make sense to your head and your heart?
And are you happy with direction your career is moving? If your answers are Yes, that’s GREAT!

But if not, it’s time to change — to create a career that truly reflects your spirit.
It’s time to do what you believe in, what you like and what you’re good at.

Here’s an outline of the Real Good Work approach. If it looks at all like something you need, Contact Phil.

Career Direction: Spirit, Situation, Strategy



  1. Values. What do you believe in? How do you want the world to be, and how do you want to be in the world?
  2. Vocation. What work or cause do you feel called to?
  3. Awareness. How do you know what you know? Are you informed by both prayer and intellect, and not overly confused by ego?
  4. Do Good. What are the practical ways you want to make a positive difference through your work? Are there hazards you know you need to avoid?



  1. Joys/Sorrows/Unknowns
    1. What has been good, bad, or otherwise in the past?
    2. How about now?
    3. What are your biggest concerns right now?
    4. What do you most want to be different?
    5. What will you want to stay the same?
  2. Work Strengths.
    1. Technical (e.g., experience and strengths in particular scientific/managerial areas)
    2. Non-technical (e.g., collaboration across multiple institutions, mentoring, fundraising)
  3. Work Preferences
    1. Technical (e.g., what kind of work? what field?)
    2. Personal (e.g., what kind of work environment, what kind of day?)
  4. Have Fun. Make Money.
  5. Past – Present – Future.
    1. How would you define your aims at different stages in your career?
    2. How would you describe your jobs/careers?
    3. How would you describe successes/failures?
  6. “Who is [your name here]?”
    1. How do you describe yourself, in life (overall) and in career (in particular)
    2. How would others describe you?
  7. “Wishes and Prayers for [your name here]”
    1. What do you wish and pray for, for yourself and the world around you?
    2. What would other people wish and pray for you?
  8. “Visions of [your name here]”


Strategy and Tactics

  1. Imagine Future(s) with different Careers/Jobs.
  2. Imagine “does this feel right?” Tests that lean on Prayer and Self-awareness.
  3. Explore/Analyze Career Landscape — what different Careers are out there?
  4. Identify Possible Job Scenarios (jobs and/or professional development)
  5. Analyze the Fit/Not/Unknown of Possible Careers/Jobs
  6. Pick Some Likely Career/Job Options to Pursue
  7. Get Started — Talk with People, Walk toward new Jobs/Career, Work in new Areas,
  8. Review what fits/doesn’t. Pray and Reflect. Revise Plan. Repeat.