Can We Find A Better Term Than “Work-Life Balance”?

“Work-life balance” is an important, emerging idea in 21st century corporate life. I’m happy to see corporate America (and its citizens) asking big questions about how to make sure that our jobs don’t take over the rest of our lives.

But I’m distressed at the tag we’re using: Work-life balance.

Huhn? Isn’t work part of life? I’d hate to think we’re assuming that “life” goes on hold for the eight to twelve hours we spend doing things that have a paycheck attached.

Sure, we don’t all have the luxury of jobs that could be described as our vocation or calling or personal mission. But don’t we all have the option and obligation (to ourselves, at least) to remain human beings when we’re on the clock?

As for finding a better term than “work-life balance,” I admit that I’m still scratching my head: work-home balance? life-integration? balanced lifecard?

Feel free to suggest your own.

Meanwhile, here are a few considered articles on finding the right role of work and other things in your world, no matter how you label it.

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