Project and Client Evaluations — Which Ones Were Good For You?

Winning companies make a habit of doing things that are good for their health.  That means choosing work (whether they be projects and clients, or products and market sectors) that adds to the company’s bottom line, assets, and general happiness.

What do you need for a track record of smart choices?

1.  Knowing what works for you.

2.  Evaluating projects (or clients, or products, or market sectors) before you pursue them.

3.  Pursuing only the projects that make sense.

4.  Working the projects you win to make sure you’re doing what you intended.

5.  Measuring your results, during and afterward.

6.  Tuning the process to make it better each time.

If you don’t care where you’re going, it doesn’t matter where you go.  But I suspect you care where you’re going.  And please, remind everyone on your staff (including yourself)  — financial success is measured by net income, not gross income.  And if your staff don’t know how to tell whether their work is yielding red or black net income, think about how to change that.  Pronto.

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