Process and Profit in Honduras

I’ve been traveling around Honduras for the last four weeks — mostly vacation, but working a little while I’m here, via the occasionally available internet or VoIP connection to the States.

Small business in Honduras is not a model you want to copy, at least not for profitability.  As a travel mate and I noticed while eating at small restaurants across the country, it often takes four conversations just to order and pay for your dinner and drinks: you place a first order at the counter, try again when the server comes by with only half of what you asked for, and try one more time when you flag down the server to re-ask for the brand of beer they said they didn’t have, but that you just saw them serve to someone at the next table.

Finally, when you go up to the counter to pay, they ask what you ordered because they didn’t write it down the first time.  Maybe you remember it all, or maybe you don’t, but the chances are skewed toward you paying for less than you got rather than all or more.  Especially if they served you several of those beers and you lost count.

Hey, at least this is more consumer friendly than the US grocery store bar code readers that were biased toward store-favoring errors, right?

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