Greetings today from Las Vegas, where I didn’t expect to be.  Las Vegas was supposed to be an overnight stop during my road trip from Denver to San Francisco, but that was before I found out that I had a broken windshield and that my insurance company had no idea I was driving my current car, but thought I was still driving my last car which I sold more than a year ago.

Many phone calls ensued, and I think all will be well after tomorrow when I (a) get a new windshield and (b) roll by a Las Vegas Nationwide for their inspection so that they can call my North Carolina Nationwide and say, “OK, this car qualifies for collision insurance.”

A bit freakish, frightening (I have no insurance?!) and frustrating, as you can imagine.

Point is, though: if I didn’t have a few dollars in the bank, a non-hurried schedule for getting to CA, and a good night’s sleep last night — I could have easily blown a fuse.  Fortunately, I had the emotional, physical, and practical buffers that I needed to deal with this unexpected stress.

Writ larger and more corporately — our businesses also need buffers.  Buffers of money, time, and calm to absorb the inevitable surprises.  Sure, we want to run our businesses “lean”.  But “lean” doesn’t mean “emaciated.”  I read one time that elite distance runners sometimes have compromised immune systems because they have no fat reserves.  Maybe I’m mis-remembering, but you get the idea.

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