Math = Money. The Profit Equation for Small Business Owners. WORKSHOP

You run a business but you don’t do math?  Uh-oh.  Profit’s a-leaking.

Math = Money. The Profit Equation for Small Business Owners is the workshop for YOU if you’re a Professional or Small Business Owner who needs to (a) SELL services, (b) PRICE services and products, and/or (c) PAY for things like salaries, inventory and office space. Boost profits and reduce stress!  [If the thought of a “math class” brings back scary memories from school, click here for -> peace of mind.]

What You’ll Learn:  We’ll see how Customers, Purchases-per-Customer, Sales-per-Purchase, and Profit Margin are your four biggest levers to boost the bottom line.


You’ll learn how to better use your time and wisdom for more profit and less stress. We’ll work through calculations for your business and related businesses. We’ll look at different scenarios. And somewhere along the line, you’ll say, “Yes, this makes sense!”

Dates and Times Currently Scheduled:

Math = Money. The Profit Equation for Small Business Owners an intensive, three-hour workshop plus followup consultation. Upcoming dates and times are:

* Jun 28 (Wed) 1 to 4 p.m.
* Jul 19 (Wed) 1 to 4 p.m.

Registration is limited to four people per class!  If two or more people from your company would like to attend, please contact Phil about a custom workshop.

Where: in Durham at the Marsosudiro & Co. LLC office.

Fee: $150 paid at reservation.

Questions?  Please Contact Phil


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Workshop guide, Phil Marsosudiro:

Phil-headshot-50x71Over the last 25 years, I’ve found many different ways to do “Real Good Work” — first, as an environmental engineer; then as a management and marketing consultant; and now as an advisor to spiritually guided business people.  I grew up in a Roman Catholic family and am now a Quaker.  Many of my friends and clients are “spiritual, not religious”. Most of them understand the need for math :-)