Isroel Hopsztajn

How To Know If Your Mission is Divinely Inspired?

A Hasid comes to see his Rabbi: “Rebbe, I had a dream that I was the leader of 300 Hasidim. What should I do?” The Rabbi replies, “Come back when 300┬áHasidim have a dream that you are their leader.” ——— Image: Isroel Hopsztajn, Magid from Kozienice. Source: National Library of Israel, Schwadron Collection

An Honest Politician is someone who, when he is bought, will stay bought. Simon Cameron

“An Honest Politician…” Simon Cameron

From Born in Pennsylvania on March 8, 1799, Simon Cameron was considered by many to be on of America’s first political bosses. His political ambitions led him to be elected to the Senate in 1845 and appointed as President Lincoln’s secretary of war in 1861. Lincoln [later] appointed him minister [to] Russia. He greatly …