Bulls, Bullring, Bullsh**

It is not the same to talk of bulls as to be in the bullring.–Spanish proverb.

Yes, some analysts can give good advice about things they don’t do themselves. But beware the business advisor who speaks with 100% confidence about something they only watch from the sidelines.

I help clients with marketing strategy. I think I do a decent job at it. But now and then I need to actually sell something to see what happens at the interface between customers and vendors — the place where person A actually transfers money to person B.

I’m spending a month or two as a part-time, temporary salesguy for one of my business partners. It’s humbling. And educational. I hope I’ll succeed at selling in the next couple of months — connecting my partner’s product with businesses who can use it, at a price that makes profit for the customer, my partner, and me. And I hope that at the end, I’ll be a smarter and better marketing consultant.

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