• How To Know If Your Mission is Divinely Inspired?

    A Hasid comes to see his Rabbi: “Rebbe, I had a dream that I was the leader of 300 Hasidim. What should I do?” The Rabbi replies, “Come back when 300┬áHasidim have a dream that you are their leader.” ——— Image: Isroel Hopsztajn, Magid from Kozienice. Source: National Library of Israel, Schwadron Collection

  • Spiritual Life in the 9-to-5 — workshop

    It’s hard to fit spirituality into your workday. You can “make time” for prayer or meditation between meetings and tasks — and this is a good thing. But better yet: stop trying to fit spirituality into your workday. Instead, make your workday part of your spirituality! In this workshop, you’ll explore how to: (1)┬áDefine your …

  • Integrity and Loyalty – Col. John Boyd

    “If your boss demands loyalty, give him integrity. But if he demands integrity, then give him loyalty” USAF Col. John Boyd (1927-1997), in Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War Paperback, Robert Coram (2004)

  • Loyalty, You Have to Earn

    If you haven’t heard of Francis lately, it’s not because General Foods isn’t important. It’s because Francis spoke these words shortly after World War II. In 1952, Time Magazine ran an article on “human resources” which followed the Francis quote by saying, “In that search, at midcentury, lies the finest hope and promise of the …