Workshop FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (and the Answers)

For Prospective Participants

I don’t like math. I’m not good at math. Is the “Must-Have Money Math” workshop right for me, or will I hate it just like I hated math in grade school, high school and college?

You’ll be fine. Really. The workshop is less about learning new math skills, and more about using basic math schools (add, subtract, multiply, divide) to address key business issues. You will NOT have to solve problems at the blackboard in front of the classroom. You will NOT have to exchange tests with the person sitting next to you for grading. You will NOT get sent to the principal’s office for chewing gum. Will you like math by the end of the workshop?  No.  But you’ll be OK with it for three hours.

I have some specific issues I want to work on. Should I come to a workshop or should I book an individual consultation?

Hmm… Maybe both? But seriously — give me call and we’ll figure it out. Phil @ 919/491.4530.

Are your workshops mostly lecture, interactive, or what? I don’t like sitting in a room with people talking wt me for three hours straight. I don’t even like going to long movies — with popcorn and candy, even.

The workshops have a little bit of everything: lecture, Q&A, group discussion, and individual problem-solving. Time passes quickly. I don’t like talking to a room of bored people for three hours straight, either.

For Registered Participants


There’s plenty of parking in the driveway or on the street directly in front of 2908 Arnold Rd.

What to Bring

Something to write with (pen/paper, iPad, whatever) and a calculator if you’re coming to a math workshop. And business cards!