ProFiciency: Dream Big, Have Fun, and Get Shit Done with Help from Phil

Hey Dave —

I like you, I dig your motto, and I’d love to help you with your awesome quest at ProFiciency. Health is a big deal to me. So are empowerment and excellence. It would be meaningful to me to help you succeed at what you’re doing.

Also relevant: my own motto is “Do Good. Have Fun. Make Money.” So hey, we speak the same language.

In advance of a sit-down for beer and serious conversation, here’s a draft list of ways I might be useful to you and your businesses:


  • Business Strategy Assistance
    • Benefit: help you optimize plans for growth, profitability (including pricing), staffing, etc. while recognizing both the market’s needs and the founders’ personal goals. Business owners know their own shit but they also benefit from an external sounding board. I’ll help you make sure your plans are (a) reasonably do-able, (b) not missing any important pieces, and (c) building what you really want for yourselves.
    • Examples: see Phil’s serious testimonials page. Check out the funny client quotes, too.
  • Executive Coaching and Accountability
    • Benefit: help you prioritize your goals and tasks as a CEO and manager and help you stay accountable to yourself — for higher productivity and peace of mind. Extra benefit if you have any kind of ADHD. Also: provide ADHD/executive coaching for any of your high-potential staff who are hobbled by issues with time-management, prioritizing, etc.
    • Examples: see my ADHD/executive coaching page.


  • Marketing and Strategy: assess market opportunities, competition, trends, customer prospects, etc. for the different ProFiciency products.
    • Benefit: help ProFiciency expand profitably and efficiently into things that have the most potential (given that you have finite resources); provide a sounding board for owner ideas.
    • Examples: see Phil’s testimonials page.
  • Partner Prospecting: identify qualified partners and contacts for you to approach.
    • Benefit: focused labor-saving for ProFiciency.
  • Customer Prospecting: identify qualified customers and contacts for you to approach.
    • Benefit: focused labor-saving for ProFiciency.
  • Testimonial Writing (interview your customers/partners, write up their short testimonials and get their approvals).
    • Benefit: help land desired clients with testimonials that sound like you want them to; make life easier for clients by doing their labor; get testimonials sooner rather than later.
    • Examples: see OpenNMS page for some quick testimonials (right sidebar).
  • Case Study Writing (interview your clients, write up long-form or short-form case studies and get their approvals).
    • Benefit: help land clients and justify ProFiciency pricing with case studies that show the results your clients get (especially for ProCT?); make life easier for you by getting them done with less of your labor.
    • Examples: see SciMed Solutions case studies page with embedded testimonials, and the OpenNMS case studies.
  • Proposal Prep/Proofing
    • Benefit: a second set of hands or eyes to get the job done for you so you can do other work.

So that’s my draft list of ideas on how I can make your life easier, dreamier, funner, and get-more-shit-done-r. I’m sure we can come up with some more — let’s do beer, eh?

p.s. Here’s my current CV if you’re curious.