DoubleBlaze Project Ideas

Hi Ron!

How can DoubleBlaze use Phil for profit, productivity, and peace of mind?

Here are some ideas based on our 17 Nov phone call:


  • Website Copywriting
    • Benefit: help attract and land desired clients; get the job done so Ron doesn’t have to think about it.
    • Examples: see the former OpenNMS home page for some of the taglines and text I helped them create (e.g., “Get The Network to Work” “You didn’t buy IT for the fun of it”and related content). FYI: OpenNMS was founded by Tarus Balog, who thought marketing was evil until we started working together.
  • Testimonial Writing (interview your clients, write up their short testimonials and get their approvals)
    • Benefit: help land desired clients with testimonials that sound like you want them to; make life easier for clients by doing their labor; get testimonials sooner rather than later.
    • Examples: see OpenNMS page for some quick testimonials (right sidebar).
  • Case Study Writing (interview your clients, write up long-form or short-form case studies and get their approvals).
    • Benefit: help land clients and justify DoubleBlaze pricing with case studies that show the results your clients get; make life easier for Ron by getting them done.
    • Examples: see SciMed Solutions case studies page¬†with embedded testimonials, and the OpenNMS case studies (especially Papa John’s).
  • Proposal Prep/Proofing
    • Benefit: a second set of hands or eyes to get the job done for you so you can do other work.
  • Marketing Strategy: assess market opportunities, competition, trends, client prospects, etc.
    • Benefit: help DoubleBlaze expand profitably and efficiently into things that are interesting to its partners; provide a sounding board for DoubleBlaze ideas.
    • Examples: see Phil’s testimonials page.
  • Client Prospecting: identify qualified businesses and contacts for DoubleBlaze to approach.
    • Benefit: focused labor-saving for DoubleBlaze.



  • Traffic management?
  • Project management?
  • Documentation/instruction writing?
  • Testing/QA?
  • UI/UX testing?

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head but I’ll be happy to explore other ideas you might have!

Also, here’s a PDF of my latest CV.

Talk soon!