Three Buckets of Loving Kindness

Imagine three buckets, each filled to the brim with a different shade of loving kindness.  Paintbrushes hang from the first two buckets, but not the third.

The first bucket holds loving kindness that you can only give to others.  When you pick up its brush, you’ll notice that it fits your hand perfectly.  It will fit no one else’s.

The third bucket holds loving kindness that only God can give to you.  God keeps that brush in his own shop, but leaves the bucket in your sight so you don’t forget it’s there.

The second bucket holds loving kindness that you can only give to yourself.  Its paintbrush has an unusual curve, perfectly designed for dipping into the bucket and painting yourself from head to toe.

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  1. Uma Ramanathan says:

    J>Krishnamurthy, the renowned Philosopher has said that when you dip a pail in a well, it is upto you to take what you need. If you strive for a full bucket you will get, if you miss the value, you may not get much. These buckets in a way tells us the same but then we have to know that it is upto us to let go and move on and not be suffocated by the acrid smell of anger.

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