Advertising Anew

In this business, you can never wash the dinner dishes and say they are done.  You have to keep doing them constantly. — Mary Wells Lawrence, advertising executive, on the need for fresh approaches. Time 3 Oct 66, quoted in Simpson’s Contemporary Quotations

Take All the Good Words You Can! — Testimonials that Work

In What Makes You Different?, we got to look at some great words from EMF Film about Clare at Red Cap, emphasizing her two big differentiators: (1) a systematic approach and (2) responsiveness. But what about the other nice things Jayne Winch had to say about Clare Dagin? Do we just throw those away since …

Show Me the Money! — Testimonials that Work

Here’s a testimonial that I produced for Bold Interactive, a client and partner in online marketing. I interviewed their client, Pro-Vigil, Inc., and collected the words that counted the most. And what almost always counts the most? Money. Pro-Vigil, Inc. is an innovator in fighting theft and vandalism in the construction industry. When we introduced …

Bulls, Bullring, Bullsh**

It is not the same to talk of bulls as to be in the bullring.–Spanish proverb. Yes, some analysts can give good advice about things they don’t do themselves. But beware the business advisor who speaks with 100% confidence about something they only watch from the sidelines. I help clients with marketing strategy. I think …

“You have to like helping people”

“You have to like helping people.” Today I heard that twice in the span of two hours: the first time from a bridal consultant, and the second time from a hotel concierge.  They both love their jobs.  They can’t imagine being successful or happy in any service job without having that attitude.